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We are leading survival and accessories site that sources all types of survival products from around the world and present them to our customers at bargain prices.

We guarantee the best value for money. And rest assured our customer service is amazing too. Check out a few of our product below. 

There are many more in the pipeline which you will get access to when we launch.
Example Of Our Products 
Introducing Survival Kit Paracord 550 With Knife Carabiner Edc Tools
  • EDC-1991-12-in1-Outdoor-Camping-Equipment-Survival-Kit-Paracord-550-With-Knife-Carabiner-Edc-Tools_1
Introducing The Mini Carabiner Clips
  •  Engineered to be Highly Versatile and Strong
  • Making it simple for you to climb to new heights with safety and ease
  •  Made of densely packed plastic
  • Ideal for ALL types of climbing
  •  Will note beaten on quality or value - Will match and even exceed the quality of other more expensive clips on the market as a fraction of the price
  •  Delivered and dispatched within 2 working days.
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